We're a band of brothers, surrounded by family & friends, providing the nutrition we learned from our grandparents in rural Iowa.  Joshua does much of the technical work, and Hunter does the design work.  We have worked together in the wellness business maintaining cryotherapy machines, importing and selling machines, and operating wellness studios with saunas, cryotherapy, and injury recovery around the country.  During the pandemic of the worst year of all time, we needed something new to do, and we decided to take our passion for nutrition to the next level and honor our ancestors with Ancient Origins.  

Our grandfather raised cattle, and our parents moved away from the farms in Iowa where we were raised in Texas and where Hunter was born.  

Also, the shot of our three products below is from our grandparents farm in Iowa that is now our parents farm where our first experiences with cattle begin... This is where our ancestors have farmed since the late 1800s, and the lavender is now tended by our father.

The amish are nearby.  It's a slower place, but visiting there, which we do often, keeps us surrounded with family and the important things in life: - strong community - family - great outdoors - local produce - freezers full of meat.

Iowa Farm Life