Ancient Origins Grass Fed Beef Liver 4500 mg (360 Capsules, 750mg Each) - Desiccated Beef Organ Supplement, 100% Pasture-Raised Cattle, Freeze Dried Undeffated Liver Powder Capsules, 60-Day Supply


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  • Best Value On The Market - Two Month Supply of Beef Organs - Focus on your wellness through nutrition! Every 4500 mg serving of this organ meat supplement is loaded with B Vitamins, iron, zinc, as well as Vitamins A, C, D, E, and K.
  • 50% More In Each Capsule - 750mg instead of 500mg - Beyond being nutrient-dense, this dietary product is also rich in powerful antioxidants like CoQ10, which help strengthen your immune response against foreign invaders.
  • Refuel Your System - Say no to losing steam in the middle of physical activities. Nutrients in our supplement may help recharge your weary body and give you the energy to power through the day.
  • A Product From The Pastures - Rest easy knowing that every capsule of our beef organ supplement is sourced from grass-fed cattle, which we raised on pristine pastures all the way in Argentina.
  • Natural & Without Fluff - Our brand believes that supplements are at their most potent when unadulterated. We don’t add any GMOs, fillers, flow agents, or artificial preservatives to our products.

PartNumber: 00860006888237

Details: Are organ meats a part of your diet? Most likely, your answer is no. There’s also a good chance that the mere thought of it disconcerted or repulsed you. However, organ meats are actually packed with nutrients that are helpful for our health. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors rightfully regard these as prized meat. Understandably, times are different now and it’s a tough sell to prepare or cook beef liver, let alone consume it. The good news is that we don’t have to. We have formulated a supplement that harnesses the nutritious properties of grass fed and finished bovine liver and concentrated these into easy-to-consume capsules. Let Ancient Origins Grass-Fed Grass Finished Beef Liver be your partner in nutrition! One serving of this dietary supplement contains 4500 mg of our bovine liver complex, consisting of undefeated grass-fed bovine liver. These ingredients are freeze dried, desiccated, and non-defatted to boost the potency of their vitamin and mineral content. What’s great about this nutritional supplement is that it supplies your system with vital nutrients, such as Vitamins A, B complex, C, K, E, and D. These nutrients support energy production at the cellular level. Our supplement also contains antioxidants that may help bolster your immune system. To maintain the high nutritional value of our supplements, we put heavy emphasis on the quality of our ingredients. For this reason, we use only organs from grass-fed cattle, which we raise in the verdant pastures of Argentina. We also keep the formula pure, providing you with only what your body needs. Learn more about our product here: - 360 capsules per bottle - No GMOs, fillers, artificial preservatives, or flow agents - Consulting a doctor is advised before taking any supplement Take the right steps towards your wellness. Add Ancient Origins Grass Fed Beef Liver 60 day supply to your cart TODAY!

Model: 00860006888237

Item Condition: New